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Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu: Temples and Tranquility

Tamil Nadu's beauty unfolds in its resplendent temples adorned with intricate sculptures and in its tranquil coastal towns where pristine beaches meet the Bay of Bengal, offering a captivating blend of spiritual and natural wonders.


The ancient capital of the mighty Pandya kingdom Madurai is famous for its grand temple for Goddess Meenakshi. It also has temples for Lord Vishnu, Alagar Koil and above that one of the six main abodes of Lord Subramanya, Pazhamudhirsolai. The Tirumalai Nayak Palace is a delightful 17th century architectural marvel.


The heart of Chettinad which boasts of huge, magnificent mansions of the trading community of Chettiyars. This region is also famous for its unique antique furniture and jewellery plus its world-famous and exquisite cuisine.


A beautiful island associated with the Ramayana. Lord Rama worshipped Siva here on his return from Lanka. The tip of the island is the sacred Dhanuskoti flanked by the three seas. Also of interest nearby are other places associated with Sri Rama like Darbhasayanam, Devipatnam, Navapashanam etc.


The Princess of hill stations, this pristine cool getaway is a priced jewel of the Western ghats. At a height of 7000 ft above sea level Kodaikanal boasts of spectacular and stunning views both on its eastern as well as western sides. Its serene lake is world-famous and boat rides can be fun and exhilarating.


The greatly famous Nataraja temple where Siva manifests as a Universal Dancer. Has sculptures of the 108 dance postures. Nearby boating at the Pichavaram lake.


40 km away from Kumbhakonam, Mayavaram too boasts of numerous grand temples dedicated to Lord Siva and Vishnu besides that of Lord Kartikeya at Vaideeswaran Koil.


A slice of France the Union Territory of Pondicherry has the world famous Auroville where people from all over the world live and work and the Aurobindo ashram. It has a beautiful beach.


55 km from Thanjavur, Tiruvarur is an ancient town of one of the grandest temples of India dedicated to Lord Siva as Thyagaraja who dances the Ajapa dance. The Kanalalayam tank is the biggest in South India. Nearby Nagapattinam, the site of the worst tragedy during the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 also hosts 2 grand temples one to Lord Siva Kayarohanesa and the other to Lord Soundararaja Vishnu. Near Nagapattinam is the special temple Lord Saniswara. Nerby Tranquebar has an enchanting Dutch fortress.


A sacred land of temples, Kumbheswara, Nageswara and Someswara are all forms of Siva. Lord Vishnu manifests as Sarangapani, Chakrapani and Ramaswamy, all in grand Chola era temples. Kumbhakonam is also the land of great filter coffee, bananas and betel leaves. The house of the math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan is preserved as a museum. Navagraha temples.


The famous composer Saint Thyagaraja's Samadhi at Tiruvayyaru on the banks of the Cauvery, also boasts of an ancient Siva temple. The mighty Cauvery river sports a magnificent beauty here. The unique flavours of Thanjavur cuisine will warm the cockles of the most demanding of gourmets.


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